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I got the closure I needed
Knowing you're doing fine
Maybe I can finally get some sleep tonight
Not regreting my decision
And hurting on the inside
I know what I did was right
And i can really see you being a good friend of mine
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 1 0
Karma has gotten me
For all the wrong I've done
By taking you far away
Far from where you belong
Right here in my arms
Is where you belong
So I can hold you close
And let you know
I won't ever let you go
Kiss your lips
Hold your hand
You are more than my best friend
You are my love
I hope you know
You are my everything
Please don't ever let me go
Live without you
I'd rather not
Moments without you
Tear me apart
You will forever be in my heart
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 1 0
How It Goes
Lived this life before
I know how it goes
No one tries to save me
And I die alone
Trading books for the bottle
Slowly letting go
Waiting for the day
That ends this show
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 3
Trans Maybe?
Discovering me is harder than it seems
I'm not sure if I'm confused
Or if this body really doesn't belong to me
I'm so much happier when I look in the mirror
And see a guy staring back at me
I'm embarrassed about my body
And I never knew why
But today I realized
It's because its not who I am in my eyes
To me I'm a guy
But the world will never see
To them I'm a girl
And stuck in this body I will forever be
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 0
Legalize by KatastrophicKid Legalize :iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 0 My Heart by KatastrophicKid My Heart :iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 0
Yup That's Me
Died hair
That's me
Eye catcher
Show stopper
Teenage wreck
Adults' biggest fear
Riddled with insanity
Yup that's me
Scream and run
Don't mind me
I enjoy watching you flea
I want you to fear
It makes me happy
Each day I try harder
To be even more scary
Even more weird
Even more crazy
Yup that's me
Your worst fear
Your craziest dream
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 1 5
Always and Forever by KatastrophicKid Always and Forever :iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 1 0 You're an angel I'm a devil by KatastrophicKid You're an angel I'm a devil :iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 1 0 FUCK by KatastrophicKid
Mature content
FUCK :iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 0
Good enough
I'll never be
Because baby
You're amazing
And I'm shitty
Those days you're down
And I can't make you happy
You deserve someone better
Who can make your worst days uncrappy
And obviously
That will never be me
So baby
I understand if you leave
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 0
I'm a freak
To afraid to speak
And for that they judge me
I just want someone to be friendly
Not to avoid or ignore me
Maybe im shy
But im not crazy
When the only words they speak
Push you farther away
Why are you so shy?
Why dont you speak?
Sorry I'm afraid
Because others have judged me
The last thing I need
Is to me reminded
You've already judged me
And to you I'm a freak
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 0
I Hate Me
im not good enough
i dont look like them
look at me
im fucking ugly
and so normal too
then look at you
so cute, emo
and all around awesome
you deserve so much better
someone more like you
someone as sweet as you too
someone so beautiful
maybe a scene or goth queen
with hair like dahvie's
and make up like old bvb
not boring, plain, ugly me
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 1
I'm happy
Till left with my thoughts
Then like fog
He rolls in
And brings all the memories
And the feelings
Destroying the love and joy I have left in my heart
Making my mood grim and dark
Every night he returns
Each night he pushes me closer to the edge
I'm so scared to be alone
So scared one day I'll break
Please don't leave me alone
Please don't let him get me
Then the sun rises
And contact with the world resumes
Love and joy once again fill my heart
Until he returns
To haunt my days too
And take all my joy away
All my hope of escape
Each second digging deeper
Killing me faster than before
He will be the end of me
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 3
Mature content
Revenge :iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 0 2
first date
first date
saw him standing there
i love when guys wear v necks
i walk over
shit i forgot how tall he was
he hugs me
slightly akward
how do i hug him hes so tall!
shocked that he didnt try to kiss me already
hes different
could already tell
he wasnt like other guys
pointed in the distance
as i little prank
confused i looked
felt so stupid
we started walking
hand in hand
i dont ever remeber an akward silence
we connected
he was different
he was special
we had something special
and we still do
forever and always
:iconkatastrophickid:KatastrophicKid 1 2



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